The microbiome: a summary of the most important things

As they say, repetition is the mother of wisdom. Do you have the basic facts about the microbiome in your little finger? If not, we hope you find this post useful.

What is the microbiome? The set of all genes of all microorganisms inhabiting our organism. Most of us have probably heard of the gut microbiome, but there is also, for example, a skin, vaginal or oral microbiome.

What all can influence our microbiome? The microbiome is currently the subject of much research. Many things may still remain hidden from us. What is clear, however, is that our microbiome is influenced by a number of factors.

For example, what are they?

  1. Our overall lifestyle
  2. Childbirth (natural/caesarean)
  3. Breastfeeding
  4. Medication supplementation
  5. General way of life
  6. Sleep hygiene
  7. The environment we live in

As is probably already clear from the above points, the microbiome is not at all clear-cut. On the contrary, it is a complex of many factors that then shape and influence our microbiome, which is unique . Our “ten commandments” for taking care of the microbiome may help you.

Ten things to take care of your microbiome

  1. Support the diversity of your microbial diversity with a varied diet.
  2. Unless absolutely necessary (food intolerances, allergies or other problems), try not to eliminate entire food groups from your diet unnecessarily.
  3. Don’t forget the vegetables & fruits, take into account seasonality and localness.
  4. Eat sparingly and regularly.
  5. Include fibre-rich foods in your diet.
  6. Avoid highly processed foods.
  7. Think about exercise and being in nature.
  8. Take care of your mental well-being.
  9. Don’t deprive yourself of quality sleep.
  10. Keep an eye on your drinking regime.

What does this imply?

The microbiome should not be underestimated. It is desirable to think about these things from a preventive point of view and to look at the microbiome as something complex. We only have one health, so don’t stop appreciating it and taking care of it.