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Laurinky’s journey 👣

The difficult story of Laura:

🤍 Šekmars brought Laurinka from hospital on 17.2.2022. Since that day, they have had her in court-appointed foster care. As her grandparents, they are entitled to represent Laurinka in all respects and have the same rights as her parents. Now, however, the court is still waiting to decide whether to deprive the parents of their rights and appoint the grandparents as guardians.

🤍 It wasn’t exactly easy. Ms Šekmarová had to spend 10 days with Laurinka at the hospital in Hradec Králové, where the medical staff taught her how to administer medication and care for the girl. Subsequently, they sent the court a report which testified that Ms Šekmarová was able to take care of the sick child and that it was obvious that Laurinka had a warm relationship with her grandmother. 👩‍🍼

🤍 This recommendation prompted the court to decide that the child would be well cared for by the grandparents. Since the parents have not taken care of the child since birth and have been using addictive substances, the child welfare authority proposes that the parents be deprived of their parental rights.

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