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It’s never been done before! A special guide to your path of success directly from the most successful. Mr. and Mrs. Bened described their incredible life and career journey from the very beginning! Get a good dose of inspiration and motivation with today’s special edition 💫.

“My name is Jana Benedová, I will be 64 years old this year, I come from a working-class family from Prague and I grew up with only my father after my mother died. I had a military order, a different childhood than other children and a great desire for life, which was not easy at all. But my childhood training taught me not to give up, to learn from my mistakes, to do 100% and even when it didn’t work out, I knew I couldn’t do any more or better.”

“I’m a high school coed, a mom of 3 and a grandmother of 3 year old Emma. I have been given smile, tenacity, stubbornness, diplomacy, faith, desire, self-worth and curiosity in my destiny. I am still working on patience, as one is always learning, Jana adds.”

“And it was a huge desire and curiosity that led me to the MLM system. I was absolutely enchanted by it, as I didn’t doubt for a minute that it wouldn’t work. I also wanted freedom, freedom to make decisions, personal and financial freedom. My first experience was really challenging, as it was working on the street and with leaflets around the flats. I was on a show called Black Sheep where the camera filmed us as crooks in the subway handing out leaflets. In my day, people sold televisions so they could afford to register at all. I had 1000+1 reasons to give up, including the fact that everyone in my family was against it, and yet I didn’t.

I never gave up because I just had this overwhelming desire to just MUST WORK .
The MLM system will train you, teach you, empower you, change you or give up. It will test your resilience, your psyche, your personal responsibility and how much you value yourself. You register yourself into the system and EVERYONE starts from scratch, no one gets contacts or a group from anyone. You take responsibility, for yourself, and you need to master this🙏.

“After all the experience on the market, for which I am very grateful, I chose a Czech company where I have full confidence in all the company partners, the scientific background and the whole Harmonelo concept.”

“We work in a husband and wife team, me and Petan, each on his own ID. It’s a challenge for us, an energetic playful rivalry, working with the team and the numbers. We complement each other and try our best to lead our team to the best results. I never thought I would give up on MLM, if I had more setbacks I would let a tear fall occasionally, but the next day I would go again and again to work on the outcome.”

And what motivates me? That I can give the people around me a chance for a better, freer and better life. That I can show that it is, it exists and try to pass on that belief that they can too. MLM is the only address where you can get NOBODY can be made SOMEONE . It’s not easy but it’s manageable and it’s not just about us, it’s about you and I believe we are a good role model in our network.”


1) Relationships, bonds, ethics, love, respect, gratitude, humility, corporate training,
2) seek and nurture loyal partners,
3) love NO and transform into YES ,
4) Vision, numbers, practice, constancy and not lying to yourself,
5) respect, self-belief, burning desire
6) Duplication of functional sponsor,
7) It might help you to realise whether you will be happy for 45 years in a job for little money, whether it will be enough for you to live on in the future, provide for you and your wishes. I got a regular pension of 10200,- 🙈
8) find your WHY,
If you have a burning desire and add your value, YOU WILL BECOME A WINNER , fingers crossed, Jana and Petr Benedovi


“My name is Petr Beneda and I will be 69 years old this year. I come from a working-class family, I was born in Kraslice and I have been an active sportsman since my youth and this played a role in my choice of employment. From my original profession as an operating electrician, I later got into a career where I was fascinated by machines and as a driver I fulfilled one of my dreams.

But only until I found out that it was time constraining due to the various turns and irregular shifts and I didn’t have time for the sport I had cut back on. At that time I was given a new opportunity to join the ironworks football team, where I lasted 18 years. To this I added various extra earnings.”

Otherwise, I have a twin brother and a sister two years older and a son and daughter from my marriage. Around the age of 35, I realized that if I wanted my health, time and money in order, I needed to make a change. So as an absolute layman and inexperienced person, I got to the first MLM where I mainly started to educate myself. I can thank this first unnamed company for the opportunity to leave my job, as I had already started earning 6 times more than my job at that time. Over the course of about 33 years, these business opportunities led me from Kraslice to Rokycany and by the time I was 50 years old, my current wife Jana came into my life and thanks to MLM, with whom we have been working as a team for 19 years and during that time we have managed to build significant positions and earnings as leaders of various companies.

“We wouldnever have thought of leaving a company that we were interested in, but unfortunately it happened also on the basis of incomprehensible changes and so we ended up working with Michal Karmazín for 4 years at the company that liquidated him and we followed him and waited for what Michal Karmazín would come up with.
So even something bad was a deliverance for us and the start of our cooperation with Harmonel, where we were introduced to the management, products and marketing on 3.12.2019 and my wife and I said to ourselves that this is something we cannot refuse
. “

With Harmonel we found not only a quality product, but a system, marketing and background that is not to be dismissed, my wife and I felt so strongly about it that we said, let’s go all in. To this day, we present that this opportunity could not be refused and the results we are achieving here are incomparable and believe me, it costs us far less effort than previous companies.

Speaking for myself, the idea of giving up never occurred to me, but rather the opposite. If there was any obstacle, I managed it and there were times when I was even more active. Also, today my wife and I get the question of why we actually do this kind of business as retired people. And the answer is simple, we found our WHY , we don’t think of it as work, we think of it as fun, and the results we have got have given us an incredible boost in our standard of living and wellbeing.”

“Personally, I’m motivated by recognition, money and opportunity, and we need to talk about it and give everyone the same chance we’ve been given. My motto: When you encounter failure, take it as a sign that your plans are unrealistic. Rework them and then set out again for your desired goal. If you give up before you can, you are a person who never wins, and conversely, the one who wins never gives up.”

“One piece of advice here is to reflect on your life so far and find your WHY because any change can hurt and one more important piece of advice, never let anyone influence you and go for your dreams and goals.”
Petr Beneda


“Dear Jani and Petya,
Congratulations from the bottom of my heart on your tremendous success in our company HARMONELO! Your dedication, hard teamwork and incredible tenacity have earned you more than 60,000,000 CZK (excluding VAT) in well-deserved commissions based on helping to harmonize this world with our unique products – which is absolutely amazing.
Jani, your personal life story is an inspiration for all of us. Despite all your obstacles and difficult beginnings, you have shown that with a strong will, determination and faith in your own abilities, it is possible to achieve great things. Your almost “military order” from childhood taught you not to give up, to learn from mistakes and to give 100% in everything. You are not only a successful business leader, but also a great mother and grandmother who is an incredible inspiration to her family and the people around her.”

“Peter, your life story is again proof that it is never too late to change and follow your dreams. From your original position as an operating electrician and engineer, you have, thanks to MLM Harmonelo and your own enormous diligence (as well as working with your team), achieved much more freedom and life satisfaction than you probably would have in any other traditional job. Your approach to overcoming obstacles and setbacks is an inspiration to all who find themselves facing challenges. Plus, you gave yourself a truly amazing and unique gift for your upcoming 69th. birthday, when we wish you again only the best!

“Together you make a great team that complements each other and motivates each other to achieve the best results. Your energetic, playful competitiveness and working with the team and the numbers is the key to your success together. You have never given up, despite all the difficulties and setbacks – even when the owner of the previous company cheekily referred to you as – quote: “too old”! You have nicely shown him, and not just him, what you still have in you, and many people who didn’t like you must now be holding their heads very much when they see your cheque.”

“Your enormous desire, hard work and creativity led you to the network marketing system, where you have shown that it is possible to achieve freedom not only personal, financial, but also vital, and that peacefully until retirement age – you are the right “Czech pensioners”, who show how to run your business from Borneo – These are our right “Harmonious Millionaire Retirees”, who constantly “paint it” to the young ones not only in business, but also with vitality and always positive and firm attitude! You have no idea how proud we are of you!”

“Your work has a profound impact on everyone around you and you are both true pillars of our company. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you on your anniversary of 19 years of life together, which is truly amazing how your various celebrations, beautifully intertwine into an even greater synergy. I wish you many more successes, good health, wonderful experiences in your constant travels around the world, and much laughter and joy from the other leaders you will teach to live this way!
Thank you for your invaluable contribution and I look forward to the other (not only billion-dollar) milestones that we will achieve together – but only in peace, with grace, and most importantly – in harmony!”

With respect and gratitude,
On behalf of HARMONELO
Co-Owner & Your Sponsor & Most Importantly Your Friend…
Michal Karmazín


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